The Bone Witch is the second episode for STN.  


"When their wagon buckles and the horses flee, four Victorian travellers are stranded in red Throne woods, where the Bone Witch waits."

Set in the Victorian era , can our audience survive the haunted woods?

The theme of The Bone Witch is CLASS and FEMINISM.


Below are a series of images relating to the look, atmosphere and style we wish to recreate with STN - The Bone Witch


Coachman Tanner

Then you know why the horses flee and the fires light dims beneath these trees, Lady Agatha.

Lady Agatha

The Bone Witch.

The structure of this interactive experience

is grand in scale. Over twenty - yes twenty - ways to watch the experience with six possible endings. From losing your head to being hung, running off alone or staying by the coach. We wanted to give you, the you a wide scope of options.


More over, the character arcs themselves are dependant on which option the audience picks. Choose the wrong one, and the character arcs remain unforfilled.



"If you are a Woman, and dare to look inside yourself, you are a Witch"  W.I.T.C.H 1969

It quickly became apparent within my research that witches and women's rights are interlinked. Aside from the obvious coalition between witchcraft and feminine power, Witch trials and witchcraft are very interlinked with woman's rights. We at Adrift favour an open and inclusive approach in our productions, leaving breadcrumbs and deeper meanings within our work. 

With the Bone Witch, we'll be giving a subtle link between class and sexual devision, hidden beneath an engaging tale of fear.

Hint: The Witches real name for example - Lilith Joslyn Gage - is a mixture between two woman of history. Lilith - in Hebrew texts, is the first wife of Adam who refused to 'lay beneath him'. Matilda Joslyn Gage is a feminist suffragette who's 1969 book W.I.T.C.H, changed the image of witches from evil to symbols of female empowerment.



An ironic name, meaning 'loveable', Lady Mabel is a tough woman set in her ways and a sceptic in the ways of magic. But is hiding more than she knows.


Fixed on making a good impression and climbing the social ranks, Footman Victor is quick to agree and help Lady Mabel in anyway possible.

lady agatha

A free and open minded spirit, Lady Agatha questions her role in society and the social boundaries that  separate men and women.


Having been raised in the local village to these woods, Coachman Tanner is all too familiar with the stories of the witch, and those she takes. But does he have a more sinister motive at hand?