Our latest feature script in.

A grieving Doctor must disprove the radical beliefs of an island town who deafen their children from a haunting whisper that she begins to hear.

Script available upon request.


The ink is dry, pages ready to read.

An anxious grandson is thrown into a life threatening chase when he inherits the answer to the afterlife.

Review: 'THE BOX is a script that knows its audience inside-out. From its twist-laden structure to the numerous well-written gunfights and action sequences...'


This script is in progress - we're writing it as you read.

An introvert must impress her soon to be sister-in-law on a hen weekend that turns sinister when they become looked in the cabin by no ordinary child.

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Only Time Will Tell VR

Three youths break into a house after the owner passes away, but when clocks are all they find, a greater temptation begins to reveal itself.

This project is awaiting additional funding.

Wait For Me

A post-apocalyptic virtual tour around London, with a twist. 

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Our latest VR series!


SynQuest is our next 360 degree series, with multiple episodes spanning one joining narrative - SynQuest Corp. and the digital virus that plagues their luxury adventure simulations.


HINT: Find the line of code on our VR page, above our 'Latest VR Film'

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The Gate

A man becomes obsessed with a broken intercom and the arguments coming from inside the suburban house.


A female report struggles to piece together a killers identity through the three woman he left alive, after a night they will never forgot.


Caught in a basement by the blaze above, a fireman tries to calm the little girl he went to rescue. Unafraid of the fire she claims not to be real, events begin to take a sinister turn. 

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"The ability to place the participant inside the film, without distraction, envelops them in a new and extraordinary way. However, much like some arguments surrounding CGI, we must endeavour to deliver strong, story based narratives to capture the audience, rather than solely relying on this amazing new technology. Strong narratives, desgined for a 360 degree enviroment, is key to making this form into a respected field of film making."

Harry Chadwick