The structure of Invasion is based around three distinct personality types during a crisis.


 Each character is well defined in the opening scene, with varying opinions of what to do with the Stranger. 


When THEY arrive, the audience then has the opportunity to follow one of the three characters.


These stereotyped personalities are then challenged through the narrative.


This gives the experience replayability, choosing between three different stories, interlinking throughout the narrative.

In one scenario, you will hear a car start outside, in another, you are starting the car.

Which person you choose to follow will reflect on you as a viewer, but will you side with that person at the end?


Invasion is the pilot episode for STN.  



"A weary Stranger arrives at the barricaded house, causing suspicion amongst the survivors.

But all arguments turn silent when THEY arrive."

Follow Tia, Mike or Nell in an attempt to survive the night, as Alien's invade the house.


Below are details of the project and characters within the episode.


There are no spoilers to

the experience, but perhaps some hints.

"We didn’t choose to save a stranger. We chose to save ourselves. Our humanity. Didn't we?"



Tia is a survivor. She is willing to make the difficult choices. Her lack of trust in anyone and aggressive nature has kept her alive to this point.

Throughout the narrative, this version of survival is challenged. Her opinions are tested and her moral compass comes into question.


Follow Tia to witness her moral toil survival has on whose who do whatever it takes. 


Mike is the calm, level headed one of the group. His intentions are pure as he wants to help all in need, including those he doesn't know. But when the Stranger enters the house and must stick with Mike, has his kindness come to cause harm?

Follow Mike if you wish to escape the house with the Stranger, but be warned, not all is as it seems.


Nell fails to make any real decisions. She represents those audience members who prefer to sit on fence, for fear of committing.

By not swaying either way, Nell keeps herself out of moral dilemmas and prevents herself making the wrong choice.

Follow Nell to be bombarded with quick thinking decisions to avoid the Alien's as you are hunted through the house.


The most controversial character in this experience is, the Stranger is both kind and unhinged.


He creates unease in the experience. Unthreatening in appearance and kind natured, the Stranger also gives off a unsettling atmosphere.


But is he the only one we can trust?



The Changed are people who have been infected by the Alien's.


Once the infection is complete, no visible sign remains, only a loyalty to the invasion, following commands delivered to the host.

One character describes the effect like

"hearing voices from a well." 



THEY are the Aliens.

THEY are the Invasion.

Traveled by light and infecting the earth, the Aliens change 

to suit the worlds they conquer.

Soon they will conquer Earth.