Who are we? 


Adrift Pictures is an internally multi award winning production company. With a decade of experience in the industry both in front and behind the camera, we have a large amount of knowledge to be able to create diverse, creative showreels.

We are also avid tea drinkers and you should always trust a tea drinker. 


Where are we based? 


We are based in West Sussex an hour outside of London Victoria by train. 


What is a showreel and why do I need one? 


Your showreel alongside your headshot is your personal acting advert. It’s the invaluable tool for marketing yourself to casting directors and agents. Whether you are brand new or established, an up to date showreel will help to futher your career.


How long will it take to film my showreel?


1 scene can take up to 2 hours to film. We will rehearse before hand on the day to allow you to feel confident within the scene. Please allow enough time in the day to film. The quality of the finished scene may suffer if not. 



What time do we start? 


Unless agreed otherwise, we start at 9 am depending on location.


How long are your custom scenes? 


Around 1.5 mintues long, just enough time to tell the story, and keep the watcher engaged. 

All showreel scripts should be within the 1 and a half page industry standard format. 


Will you write a script for me? 


We can write something specially for you. You will receive this within 7 days of shooting. The script cannot be re written. 



Can I provide my own script? 


Yes you can. This must be approved within at least 7 days before the shoot. Scripts must be no longer then 1.5 pages of industry standard format. No scripts can be taken from copy written material. 


Scenes must in in a single location. We do not encourage blood, weapons, fight scenes or special effects within the script. 

We reserve the right to refuse a script we deem inappropriate. 


Can you provide actors? 


We can help provide actors but this will encure an additional cost. We do advise you seek out our own actors as we may not provide someone that is suitable for your needs. We are however happy to help. 


Do you provide costumes?


No, you are reposible for providing your own costume. 


Do you provide locations?


We can only provide locations that we can use for free, unless you arrange them yourselves. The locations we mainly have access to are public locations. We do have 3 house locations that we are able to shoot at. If you are after something specific, please make us aware before writing or organizing your scene. We can travel to locations but this will incur extra cost. 


How long does it take to edit? 


We ask that you allow at least 14 days for the editing process. 


Do you require a desposit up front?


We require half of your total payment up front as a non- refundable deposit. This needs to be paid within 7 days to secure your date. We do this as freelancers to protect ourselves from last minute cancellations. The second half of the payment is due before 12pm the day before the shoot date. 


Showreel editing requires full payment up front. 


What is your payment method?


Bank transfer is the preferred payment method and all details will be sent with the invoice.



Why should I hire you for my showreel?


We care very much about what we do. We want to delieve the highest quality showreel we can to increase your reputation as well as ours. 


I run an agency can you do showreels for my clients? 


Of course, we can add your branding and contact details also. For larger group booking we are happy to discuss a reduction in rates.