"Three female college friends reunite after many years, following the death of Abi's mother. Distraught, Abi  purchases a unique Ouija board, but what is summoned depends on the user."

The theme of Oujia is Overcoming obstacles


Below are a series of images and texts relating to the look, atmosphere and style of STN - Ouija


Ouija is by far our most ambitious interactive structure to date. Don't be fooled, although only a fifteen minute experience, you can view Ouija at least twelve times without seeing the same thing twice - and thats if you don't die!

Your choice at the beginning of the film will determine which monster is summoned, and from there, will haunt you for the rest of the experience.

But that's not all. To survive, will you stick with Abi, Holly or Sarah as they each split up. Go drinking, walk home or follow one to bed.


The choice is yours.




The legend of the board is one told through word of mouth, and as such has lost its bearings. That said, one version remains written, eched into the book which accompanies it.


It states the board originates from a small english village in the late 1800's. The tale goes that a stranger rode in one dark and stormy night, seeking shelter. No villager would provide him a bed, wary of travellers from the North. Instead, the hooded figure took refuge beneath the small Oak tree in the centre of the market.


From their surrounding windows, all bared witness to the stranger, beaten by the storm under little else but leaves - until, lightening struck - splitting the tree - and the figure beneath vanished. In the morning, when the wind had settled, the villages came to choke the damaged tree down, and in doing so, discovered burnt markings within its trunk. 

No one knows of the village the tale speaks, nor the fate of those inhabitants, or who scratch the story inside.



The clever outcast of the group.

Bullied by the other two at school, her invitation was least expected. Pushed into using the board,

Sarah must now find her courage to survive the demon hunting her - and her old bullies.


Having recently lost her mother, Abi self refection has drawn the others back to town. Given the choice between seeing her mother one last time, and the lives of the others, is a tough one for her. 


More likely to message you than meet, Holly returns to the only true friend she ever had. Her beauty obsession has garnered her digital praise in life, but could it be the cause of her death?

Can Holly find the intelligence to outwit the beast?


Two brothers quarrelled over their passing fathers farm. One worked every hour God gave. The other did nothing but take. At last, tempers broke, with the farmer killing his brother, finally putting him to work in the fields... as the Scarecrow.

Now it frightens all to death.


A trick you'll wish you missed. The Hat was conjured by a failing magician who sold his soul for the worlds greatest trick. But now the Hat seeks an assistant, to become its Top beneath.

If you do, it'll grant you a wish.


Adopted as a child, the baby didn't grow pretty enough for its new mother, who would often fix that fact... by blade. Before her perfect vision could be complete, her new mother past, leaving the girl to seek only the finest body parts to complete herself.

Better to not look your best.