"Let the madness begin."


A paranormal film crew investigate the  haunting of Nanny Murphy. Fixing to forge the scary episode, the crew soon discover that this case is different... and real.

Now caught in the other world, you must journey through the time loop and find a way out.


Below are a series of images and texts relating to the look, atmosphere and style of STN -

The Haunting of Nanny Murphy


The Haunting of Nanny Murphy takes a far different approach to the rest of the series. 

First establishing the routine of the film crew with you at the helm as Director, we begin to sense something is amiss.

Dragged into the 'Other World' by Nanny Murphy, we now repeat time, seeing the same scenes unfold before us, but now having to uncover the mystery and face Nanny Murphy.


The Legend of Nanny Murphy?

Like every legend found in the STN series, Nanny Murphy is unique to Adrift.


Her legend originates from the 1920's where, bound by her depression and lonely upbringing, Nanny Murphy suffers an episode and drowns the child she is taking care of. Now bound to the house and grief she has caused, Nanny Murphy seeks to find the child and correct the past.



More of her back story can be found within the show, delivered by the host you're Directing. Keep an ear out for the story, as it may hold clues to the ending and how to summon Nanny Murphy herself.



This up and coming actress has taken to hosting a paranormal show in order to increase her profile. Her kind and well mannered persona doesn't exist off camera, and nor does her fear. But it's easy to act scared when you're being hunted.


As the cameraman of a paranormal series, Martin has seen it all, and as such is very laid back. It'll take more than a few bumps in the night to rattle him. So when this visit to Nanny Murphy has him screaming in anger, you know something went wrong.


Quick witted and sharp tonged, Steff isn't scared of anyone or anything. She'll tell you how it is and sleep well at night. But she'll find it hard to close her eyes now, as a very fear creeps in, making Steff feel fear for the very first time.


As the Producer, it's Lee's job to make the show happen and create an atmosphere people want to watch. If that means cutting some corners and making some bangs of his own, so be it. This time however, there's no need to make the show feel scary.


This haunting vision of the past has her own story to tell.


Having committed a terrible crime in her youth, she relives the nightmare inside the house,

stuck inside a loop of grief.

A loop you become entangled in. A loop you've always been in.